Or, why DUST is called DUST?

We were planning to keep it a vague secret, but since someone started suggesting it was some unspeakable acronym we thought it was better to clarify what DUST meant. Which is nothing…

Just in our case! According to Wikipedia dust are still fine particles of solid matter, however in our case it has no particular meaning, and is not an acronym.

One afternoon, after putting down all the ideas about the architecture of DUST we came to the point in which we needed to start building it. Main files, first lines of code, first repositories, and so we needed to name what we were doing. And as any decent rock band we focused on what sounded better rather than a boring meaning.

DUST was one of the first ideas, we then kept searching for something better, but it sounded just right and as always happens we stuck to it and now we have grown quite fond of it.

The idea probably came from the old acronym of our department, DAST (Department of Aerospace Science and Technology, now DAER. Orwell would have been proud.), and after all we were going to generate clouds of particles, so it seemed fitting.

The ascii art in the title came only many months later, and we are still looking for a logo, but we have yet to find a designer willing to work in exchange for coffee and our priceless humor!