The Journey So Far

This is one of the first whiteboards we filled with our preliminary ideas about a year ago.

It was just few days before when I was being approached by Alex Zanotti proposing me to join the DUST project, which was about to start. Just the time to archive several terabytes of LES data, relocate my office and we started this journey.

We had a lot of exciting ideas, few certainties and zero lines of code. And not even a name for the project!

In this year we spent countless hours in front of a screen, went through some reams of paper, few pens, a dozen whiteboard markers and a few coffee packages. And now we have a solid code tested in several configurations, with dozens of features which allows us to analyze complex configurations in collaboration with the Vahana team of A3 by Airbus.

But the project is far from finished, as well as our ideas. New, more radical features are being developed, to further push the boundaries of what can be achieved on a simple workstation with a mid-fidelity aerodynamics code.