About DUST

DUST is a novel, flexible solution to solve aerodynamics problems.  Started as a collaboration between A3 by Airbus and the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of Politecnico di Milano, it is meant to deliver affordable, reliable solution of aerodynamics problems on complex configurations. 

Focused on scalability and flexibility in the input, geometry definition, movement, and solution phase DUST allows the users to analyze diverse configurations with increasing and scalable levels of fidelity.

Oh, and it is free!


Flexible Geometry and Movement

Import custom surface meshes. Or build them parametrically. Assign them to a reference frame, and make it move. And rotors build themselves!

Scalable Models

Choose the fidelity level: from single dimensional lifting line to fully three dimensional objects choose the right model for the required fidelity, for every component, all in the same simulation.

Designed for Performance

Designed from scratch to deliver mid-fidelity aerodynamics analysis at workstation level, with no requirements for cluster level resources.

Particles Wake

Choose the Fast Multipole optimized particle wake to simulate complex interactions among wakes and with solid bodies with exceptional robustness.


DUST is completely free and is available on its gitlab page.

Contact Us!

Getting interested in DUST? Having some doubts or needing some help with DUST? Contact us!

DUST is completely working and functional, however it is a young project still in fervent development, so we are looking forward to hear your feedback or suggestions! 

Send us an email at: info@dust-project.org


We are a small team of young researchers at the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology. We are all Ph.D.s in aerospace engineering and we have experience in most of the aerodynamics fields, from experimental aerodynamics to high performance computing. 

Years of wind tunnel testing, cfd computations, high performance development and aerodynamics research are all joined in the effort to develop DUST, in order to develop a practical, reliable and fast platform for mid-fidelity aerodynamics predictions. 

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